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FIC - Food Ingredients Ltd.

אפ.אי.סי - חומרי גלם לתעשיות המזון, תוספי התזונה והקוסמטיקה בע"מ




FIC offers a large choice of natural food colors, including COLORING FOODSTUFFS, which do not require E number labeling. All colors are derived from vegetables and fruits, such as:​

  • Curcumin, Marigold and Safflower for yellow shades

  • Palm Oil, Carrots, Paprika and Annatto for orange shades

  • Beet root, Elderberry, Black carrot, Purple sweet potato and tomato for red shades

  • Chlorophyll and spinach for green shades

  • Spirulina and Blue Gardenia for blue shades

  • Caramel for brown shades

  • Vegetable carbon black for black shades

  • Blends of natural colors for tailor-made shades

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