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FIC - Food Ingredients Ltd.

אפ.אי.סי - חומרי גלם לתעשיות המזון, תוספי התזונה והקוסמטיקה בע"מ


FIC - Food Ingredients Ltd. (formerly FIC International) was founded in 1997. FIC is run by a professional and experienced team, enabling creative and application-oriented dialogues with suppliers and customers.


FIC's main business activity is import and distribution of high-quality, food-grade and natural ingredients and raw materials for the Food, Food Supplements and recently also Cosmetics industries in Israel.

FIC, in collaboration with its suppliers, offers technical and regulatory support.


FIC covers and maintains continuous contacts with all main industrial companies in Israel, including those belonging to well-known multi-national concerns.


FIC sources most of its products on basis of exclusive, long term arrangements with well-known producers.


All ingredients and raw materials offered are meeting the high standards of kosher certification, as required by the Israeli market.

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